Jan 21

Dinodirect.com has issued exclusive coupon codes for buyers based in Russia and Brazil recently. If you are living in either of the country, you can take advantage of the special codes to save cost when shopping anything with the Chinese international store.

Here is the detailed information about the Russia and Brazil-targeted discount codes:

For Russia:

Coupon Code:  
Discount Description: Get 15% Off Special Occasion Dresses
End Date: Unknown

For Brazil:

Discount Code:  
Discount Description: 10% OFF Women’s and Men’s Wrist Watches
End Date: Unknown


About Dinodirect.com

As one of the most popular online shopping websites targeting international buyers, Dinodirect.com offers an ultra wide range of products covering almost everything we may need for our daily life. Standing out by world-standard warehouses and product quality verification system, the store has developed a huge customer base with countless customers all around the world. English-speaking buyers used to be the major revenue source of the company while they are now working hard to reach more countries or regions around the globe. For detailed reviews of Dinodirect.com, please click here.

Also, you can check back here regularly for coupon codes or deals offered by Dinodirect.com if you are interested in trading with them in the long run. We post the latest discount codes or special offers launched by all well-known Chinese online stores at our site.

May 20

Compared by global popularity, Dinodirect.com (read review) may be not so outstanding as Lightinthebox.com is especially in the product line of fashion. But based on my knowledge, the company is a quite powerful with over 1,000 employees working for them. Their product range is equally impressive too. There are rare fields of a person’s daily life they do not cover. Technically you can shop anything (excepting food of course) you are looking for to lead a decent life, from apparel, electronics, toys, security & surveillance, health & beauty, office supplies, gifts, flashlights or any other category popular on the Chinese foreign trade market. Women’s clothing has been one of the major revenue earners of the site. They have plenty of lovely summer dresses printed with floral patterns to choose from too. What is particularly mentioning is the attractive pricing for the dresses. Most are available at around $20 only with free shipping.

Cheap Floral Dresses at Dinodirect.com
See more cheap floral print summer dresses at Dinodirect.com >>

You might also love to see if any Dinodirect coupon codes fit your order, just click here to check it up. Actually they launch coupon codes really often and you may find different choices that apply to the products you want to buy. Do choose the one that can give you the biggest benefit – I know you will.

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May 10

The Chinese online shopping mall Dinodirect.com is truly a coupon giver – they release coupon codes so frequently that I have to keep checking out them in order to dig out the information in time for my readers. May 2013 is nothing special for the store but it seems they have gone crazy about launching deals this month. I’ve been compiling the coupon codes and specials in other forms of Dinodirect.com for May 2013 so that you can better take advantage of the sales when shopping with the site. Below you can find the results which will continue to be updated till the end of this month.

Dinodirect May 2013 Sales (from the latest to the oldest):

Dinodirect 2013 May Deals

  • Use coupon code “FRIENDSANDFAMILY” to get 20% off women’s clothing, men’s clothing and sunglasses for Friends & Family sale; no minimum; Ending May 31, 2013
  • Use coupon code “DDMAY14OFF80” to 14% off orders of $80 or more on anything available at Dinodirect.com; Ending May 31, 2013
  • Use coupon code “DDMAY12OFF” to get 12% off anything sitewide; no minimum; Ending May 31, 2013
  • Use coupon code “DDMAY8OFF60” to get 8% off orders of over $60; Ending May 31, 2013
  • Free shipping on men’s 2013 trendy watches. View the deals >>
  • Free shipping on hot-selling wedding accessories. View the deals >>
  • Up to 20% off tablet PCs, cameras and camcorders. View the deals >>
  • Rare discounts for tablet PCs, dresses, handbags, shoes, cell phones and much more in Daily Deals.

For more Dinodirect coupon codes, please click here.

Note that the Dinodirect.com coupon codes cannot used on discounted products and cannot be used in combination with another code. For more details about how to use the coupon codes at Dinodirect.com, you can read their official instructions here.

Apr 20

When I received the latest newsletter from Dinodirect.com, I was really shocked to find that they had released a long list of coupon codes and deals that end May 3, 2013. That means buyers have less than two weeks left to grab the great offers! This is their biggest warehouse sale on electronic gadgets with up to 20% off. I just updated three other discount codes on summer essentials, women’s clothing and men’s clothing that also end the same day yesterday. Seriously, they offer coupon codes or sales so frequently that I just can’t update my site in time to share their promotional information.

Anyway, I am trying my best to post the latest Dinodirect.com coupon codes or deals here. If you are interested in shopping with them in the long run, you are encouraged to check out the Dinodirect Coupon Codes page at my site regularly so that you can save most.

Dinodirect Warehouse Deals on  Electronics

Below are the coupon codes on a variety of products under the hottest categories at Dinodirect.com, including tablet PCs, cameras & camcorders, sporting goods, security & surveillance, handheld game console, car & motorcycle accessories, electronics and cell phones & PDAs.

Promo Code:  
Discount Description: 15% Off for Tablet PCs

Discount Description: 20% OFF for Cameras & Camcorders

Promotion Code:  
Discount Description: 7% OFF for Sporting Goods

Discount Coupon:  
Discount Description: 15% OFF for Security & Surveillance

Voucher Code:  
Discount Description: 15% OFF for Office Supplies

Promotional Code:  
Discount Description: 15% OFF for Handheld Game Console

Discount Description: 10% OFF for Car & Motorcycle Accessories

Discount Voucher:  
Discount Description: 10% OFF for Electronics

Coupon Code:  
Discount Description: 10% OFF for Cell Phones & PDAs

The discount is as high as 20% off – I thought the 15%-off discount scope for the previous sales was already deep enough! I just can’t help asking myself: “is Dinodirect.com crazy? ” Just be kidding: it looks like that Dinodirect.com is clearing its warehouse so that it can shut up without losing too much, lol.

Note that different categories require a unique coupon code in order to reduce the price by the percentage indicated. For more detailed review of Dinodirect.com, please read here.

Apr 18

If you visit my blogging site regularly, you may have noticed that I am posting deals on summer fashion and accessories quite frequently here. All of the deals are offered by Chinese sites, of course. You know, I focus on discussing China-based online retail stores or wholesale stores only, though I occasionally do share something about US or European stores. As I mentioned in an early article, Dinodirect.com has released a promotional collection of summer 2013 wardrobe statements for men and women. This post will focus on the “colorful” beach apparel and accessories part.

The “Beaches” subcategory of the Dinodirect 2013 summer first-round sale includes women’s beach dresses, hats, shoes and swimsuits with up to 23% off plus free shipping. As a tradition, the deals will last for a limited time only though so far I haven’t made clear about the exact deadline. Anyway, if you see any deal of your interest there and are satisfied with the after-discount price for it, just take it as soon as possible. Based on my research, although they issue Dinodirect coupon codes very frequently but the discount scope is generally no more than 10% off and it is order value-based.

Dinodirect Deals on 2013 Beach Dresses

For the current beach clothing and accessories sale, you don’t have to reach any order value threshold in order to enjoy the discount. The price has already been reduced by the discount displayed on the product page so you only need to add it to the shopping cart and then check it out. The product you order will be shipped to your doorstep in 15-25 business days if you choose the free shipping service. If you want a quicker delivery, you can choose an expedited shipping method like EMS, USA Express, FedEx, DHL or DHL by paying a shipping fee as displayed on the product page. Then you will get the package in 3-12 business days depending on your destination as well as the specific shipping method you choose.

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Apr 12

As I mentioned earlier, recently I start paying much closer attention to Dinodirect.com. Impressed by their fast growth in product range and customer base, I just can’t help doing more research on them in order to help interested parties learn more about the site. Since it looks like being backed by a very powerful company and as a result they are able to develop so quickly, it is probably a good choice for those who are looking for reliable Chinese sites to buy things from.

One thing I’m pretty sure is: they are selling authentic branded stuff, though not from world name brands. Almost every product listed at the Dinodirect.com site is described with the officially registered trademark in the product title so that you can instantly recognize which brand the product belongs to and you don’t have to worry that it is a counterfeit. Read the detailed review of Dinodirect.com here >>

Fashion and accessories are one of the major departments of Dinodirect.com. They launch promotions quite frequently for such products with attractive discounts. Currently, they are offering an amazing collection of 2013 summer apparel and accessories for both men and women with up to 40% off.

Here in particular, I would like to share some sexy summer wardrobe statements for women picked up from the sale.

Xiami Lace Vest Lingerie Camisole Sets
Xiami™ transparent perspective temptation lace vest lingerie camisole sets at $12.99 plus free shipping

Tiantian Sexy Cut Shoulder Littble Black Dress
TIANTIAN™ Korean ladies’ sweet little black cut shoulder dress at $18.39 plus free shipping
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