Apr 23

If you ask me whether the Chinese international shopping site Everbuying.com is legit or a scam, I can only be straight to tell you whatever I know based on my personal research. All information I share here is just for your reference only. After all, I never buy anything from the store and could not review Everbuying.com on how its products or services are. Every detail related this site is gained through the Internet, especially from real customer reviews posted on third-party websites or at social networking communities.

Chinese legit online store Everbuying.com

First, let’s look at the very basic fact about Everbuying.com. I’m pretty sure this site is run by a big e-commerce company based in Shenzhen, who also owns a number of other popular international online stores such as Ahappydeal.com (read review) or Sammydress.com (read review).

It seems using various sites to do international business is the core strategy of the trading firm, just like many other Chinese international e-commerce groups. However, unlike the competitors, it is hard to find out which sites are the most important ones and most seem to be having a rather even share of the whole revenue of the company.

As for me, Ahappydeal.com, Sammydress.com and Everbuying.com are the key sites of the company. While the three sites have their own focus, they may also carry the same products but sell them at different prices. It is only natural if you take it as a pricing differentiation strategy adopted by the company to attract more sales.

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Mar 04

My site has been introducing the products, service and other information about Ahappydeal.com for years but so far I haven’t posted any detailed review of the Chinese wholesale site. If you are a regular reader here, you might have noticed that the site has gone through some changes to domain names, from Davismicro.com, Brandsdragon.com to the current Ahappydeal.com. I have published the complete reviews of Davismicro and Brandsdragon and for this reason I didn’t think it necessary to write a professional review of Ahappydeal.

Now I realize that new readers might not be aware of the relationships between Ahappydeal and Davismicro or Brandsdragon and decide to give them a thorough review so that interested parties can get a better understanding of the nature, credibility, business scope, product range, service and more other details about the online wholesale distributor.Made-in-China Tablet PC at Ahappydeal.com

Office Base

Originally founded in 2006, the head offices of Ahappydeal.com are located in Shenzhen, the famous city with the largest number of consumer electronic factories in China. The site is owned by Yilutong Trading Co. Ltd, a legitimate export company doing online wholesale business of electronics, fashion (especially dresses) and more products. In particular, Ahappydeal.com focus on electronic gadgets. Their major warehouse is also positioned in the same city.

Product Range

The major field Ahappydeal.com covers is electronic gadgets, including cell phones & accessories, tablet PCs, notebooks, computer peripherals, electronic toys and more. They also have some minor product lines such as watches, flashlights, LED lights, home & office or hobbies & toys. All products for sale there are made by manufacturers or brands in mainland China, Hong Kong or other Asian countries or regions.

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Feb 24

Below you can find the latest AHappyDeal coupon codes and special discount with free shipping. Save money for Android phones, car electronics, digital cameras, tablet PC, electronic gadgets, PC Accessories, etc.

AHappyDeal.com is an online electronics wholesaler from China. If you are interested in buying from AHappyDeal.com with discount price, come back regularly to see if any AHappyDeal coupon code is available!

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Read the AHappyDeal review and get detailed information and reviews about AHappyDeal.com. For more information, please visit AHappyDeal.com

May 06

If you happen to be interested in buying electronics from China but get lost in so many China-based online shopping websites, my shopping guide to China wholesale electronics marketplaces or stores below may help you out. You have reason to trust me—I’ve been focusing on writing reviews and guides about China wholesalers for over one year, and I am still happily blogging about more China wholesale reviews for my readers all over the world.

As the world’s manufacturing hub of electronics, China has an outstanding manufacturing power for all kinds of electronics, including cell phones, DVD players, MP3/MP4/MP5 players, car electronics, cameras, security equipment, etc. Every year, China exports to the world a huge number of electronics through both traditional and online trading. Over the past decade, more and more online retail and wholesale shopping websites targeting overseas customers emerged and developed quickly in China. Some of them are specialized in selling electronics only, while some provide more items other than electronics.

To make a smart purchase on electronics from China, you should first of all choose an online China wholesale electronics store or marketplace that fits your taste. Here I would introduce some famous China wholesale websites that offer electronics to global buyers for your reference, through a featured shopping guide series.

Series 1. Lightinthebox.com

China Wholesale Electronics by Lightinthebox.com


As a cross-border online retail and wholesale store, Lightinthebox.com is a little bit like Amazon, though its catalog is not so extensive as the latter. Based in Beijing, Lightinthebox is very famous in the international e-commerce arena for the growing market share it grabs. Electronics especially cell phones are one of the biggest categories in the China wholesale store. You can find a variety of cheap wholesale ectronics there and all of them are offered at flexible prices—the more you order, the lower the price you will be able to get. Read more »

Nov 29

Best Android 4.1 Cell Phones at Lightinthebox

It has become a vogue to buy China wholesale cell phones. I may be exaggerating a little bit, but whether you are a merchant or a user looking for cheap but user-friendly cell phones, you will definitely find what you want from the huge range of China cell phones. Below are some tips on how to buy China cell phones from Chinese wholesalers.

1. Search for information about the brands and compare which model will satisfy you to the most.Giant search engines like Google and Yahoo may help you out. Search by different terms related to China wholesale cell phones, read the results carefully, and you will definitely find some useful information out there. Read more »

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