Sep 28

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May 07

The sizzling summer is just around the corner and many ladies start to look for quality and fashionable swimwear to prepare for the hot season. If you are one of those who are prowling the internet for best deals on 2014 trendy swimwear offered by China shopping sites at low prices, the following information may interest you.

This post will list all the promotions, deals and coupon codes on 2014 swimsuits or swimwear for women offered by the most popular China-based online fashion stores. This time I exclude those trading platforms such as or where you can find more choices of swimwear or can enjoy lower prices, simply because I want to help you save time and energy when purchasing good quality and stylish swimwear from China. All stores introduced below are among the most popular Chinese online shops of clothing and accessories targeting global buyers.

best deals on 2014 swimwear at Milanoo
2014 sexy swimwear at


best deals on 2014 swimwear at
2014 vintage swimwear at


best deals on 2014 swimwear at  Lightinthebox
2014 classic swimwear at


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Feb 27 is one of the few Chinese online fashion stores which sell apparel and accessories not only designed by their own designers but also produced by their own factories or workshops. They focus more on street fashion only though. If you are looking for street trendy made-in-China clothing or accessories that are unique in design and dependable in quality, it is definitely a good choice. And that is equally important, the fashion products offered by the company are easy to afford.

Romwe Creative Top for Women

The black fake leather strap top as shown in the images above and below is one of the latest cool products I’ve found from The creative design attracted me instantly when I saw it at the first glance. I thought it was a fake two-in-one top but then realized that it is just a top with fake leather straps can match with different tops. If you think your top is too simple or pure and needs something to embellish it, this novelty top could help.  Read more »

Jan 16

Within the Chinese international online market, two names are always mentioned when it comes to the field of fashion: and The two online shopping sites are not offering fashionable products to customers or re-sellers all over the world, but also providing professional fashion inspiration especially to those who are not confident in picking what to wear to lead the trends. Every season, you will find refreshing collections of styles that will create chic looks for fashionistas at or Usually, when they launch a new fashion collection, discounts or deals are offered to attract customers.
Milanoo 2014 Spring and Summer Fashion Guide

Posting the deals-and-guides fashion information released by such Chinese shopping sites is part of my job. Currently, is promoting their new collection of latest styles in 2014 spring and summer dresses, from which you can find the most popular colors of blue chic, orange Sergey Kovalev and classic white-black-matches. With so many beautiful styles to choose from, you will easily fill your spring or summer wardrobe without embarrassing your wallet.

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Nov 30

Holiday is usually the peak of parties and Christmas is no exception. Now Christmas 2013 is less than one month left, many women are looking for gorgeous holiday dresses to prepare for the grand holiday. If you have a plan of purchasing cheap holiday dresses from Chinese stores, the following promotional information may help you out.

Currently, the listed Chinese online retailer is hosting a series of promotions for all kinds of holiday dresses. The website is definitely the best of the best when it comes to made-in-China quality holiday dresses and any other special occasion dresses. It is a truly forerunner in this field and has a mature quality control system to ensure that every piece of dress it offers meets the high quality standards. And the good thing is, the price tags are very reasonable for common consumers.

Top Deals on 2013 Holiday Dresses

From its Holiday Dresses page, you will find awesome deals with up to 40% off. There are all together about 560 styles to choose from and many of them are rated overwhelming positive by real customers. There you can find nice holiday dresses that come in different designs, colors, cut-outs and prices. No matter how particular your taste is, it won’t be difficult to find the right one(s).

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Nov 19

China has countless online international stores offering all kinds of products in the form of wholesale or retail to buyers from all over the world. However, rare offers hosiery products such as socks, stockings or tights. We have been doing research on China-based global shopping sites for years but so far we have found only three sites where you can buy cheap wholesale socks, stockings and other hosiery products:, and

Cheap Wholesale Socks

Unlike the majority of Chinese virtual shops which focus on a major field such as electronics or apparel, the three shopping websites mentioned above have one thing in common: they are comprehensive shopping malls covering lots of categories. In particular, is itself a super big retail seller with its own warehouses and handles all pre-sales and after-sales issues by its own internal staff while and are wholesale transaction platforms offering service to both buyers and sellers.

If you are looking for cheap wholesale socks for men, women and children, stockings for women and kids, or any other type of hosiery products for any age or any gender, these sites are worth considering. Though is mainly doing retail business, you can get wholesale prices if you order more. Vice versa, even though and focus on small and medium-sized wholesale transactions, retail orders with a very small MOQ are extensively accepted there.

Girls Lovely Bowknot Polka Dot Print Casual Socks

Let’s compare the pros and cons of shopping for made-in-China hosiery products from to from or

1. better quality control and guaranteed through its own warehousing management and quality verification system;
2. more standard customer service for pre-sales and after-sales issues;
3. shopping security better assured as it is a tested legitimate e-commerce company.

1. less styles to choose from
2. weaker pricing competitiveness or

1. much wider ranges of socks, stockings, tights and any other hosiery products;
2. much more pricing options and it is easy to find the lowest priced products thanks to the competition among the sellers;
3. payment protected by a reputable third party or and buyers don’t have to worry about losing money when dispute comes out

1. sellers vary significantly in terms of credibility or service standards and you have to spend more time to find the better ones;
2. products can be quite different in quality standards and it is not easy to judge whether the quality is good or not simply by the pricing or the image products;
3. dispute processing procedure can take really long

If you ask for my advice, I would encourage you to use or to source best-margin wholesale socks, stockings or tights, seeing that you can find unbeatable prices there. To avoid encountering dishonest suppliers or scammers at such sites, you can take more time to do research on the feedback profile of the sellers you are interested in. For instance, besides the Feedback score, you can read carefully the customer reviews which can help you get a better understanding of the sellers. Also, always bear in mind that when a dispute happens, never try to solve it in private with the seller. Instead, you should open or submit a dispute to the or the and waits for the ruling by the third party. That way you can best protect your money and interest.

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