Jul 29

In the Chinese online fashion foreign trading industry, Sammydress.com is not as famous as the big players like Lightinthebox.com or Aliexpress.com. However, it is also true that this Chinese store has a significant customer base which is growing constantly these years. Just in case more buyers are interested in trading with this site and want to confirm whether it is legitimate or not, I decide to give a detailed review of Sammydress.com.

Under 10USD Summer Dresses Deals

Before you read ahead, please note that all the information provided below is based on my personal research and just for your reference only. If it contains any errors, please contact me or leave your comment at the end of the post.

Sammydress Scam

Just as we decide to start shopping with any Chinese online store, the first and foremost question is: Is Sammydress.com a legit company or a scam? I don’t mean to convince you that there is no problem with the legitimacy of Sammydress.com but based on my knowledge, the site does exists with an official business license and has been serving buyers from all over the world for years. Most negative reviews claiming Sammydress is a scam point to the product quality or service standards of the site instead of the level of shopping safety.

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Feb 24

Below you can find the latest AHappyDeal coupon codes and special discount with free shipping. Save money for Android phones, car electronics, digital cameras, tablet PC, electronic gadgets, PC Accessories, etc.

AHappyDeal.com is an online electronics wholesaler from China. If you are interested in buying from AHappyDeal.com with discount price, come back regularly to see if any AHappyDeal coupon code is available!

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Read the AHappyDeal review and get detailed information and reviews about AHappyDeal.com. For more information, please visit AHappyDeal.com

May 16

Regular buyers of DavisMicro.com may have noticed that the electronics wholesale store changed its domain name into AHappyDeal.com. Based on our knowledge, this is the second time DavisMicro has altered its domain name for some purpose. Before adopting its current domain name AHappyDeal.com, it was named as BrandsDragon.com. For details, you can read our post BrandsDragon Review.

Anyway, now you can still use www.davismicro.com to access the company’s online store – you will be directed to www.ahappydeal.com, though. So if you have get used to entering the domain name DavisMicro.com you can keep using the domain name to visit the site or shop for wholesale electronics there. Of course, you can also choose to input AHappyDeal.com to open the website. By using any of the domain names, you will be led to the same place and you don’t have to worry about any security issue.

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Feb 08

Below you can find the latest BrandsDragon coupon codes, discount codes and BrandsDragon promotion codes. Save money for high quality cell phones, iPhones, cameras, MP3 players and other similar accessories.

BrandsDragon is a China’s electronics wholesale store exporting high quality electronics and accessories from manufacturers directly. BrandsDragon.com offers wholesale consumer electronics from China, such as cell phones/mobiles, MP3/MP4/MP5 players, digital cameras/camcorders, iPod/iPad Accessories, surveillance equipment, GPS, computer equipment and accessories, watches, car DVD players and electronics, Bluetooth headsets, etc.

If you are interested in buying from BrandsDragon.com with discount price, come back regularly to see if any BrandsDragon coupon code is available!

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Jan 12

China Wholesale Website BrandsDragon.com

If you are confused about whether BrandsDragon.com and DavisMicro.com belong to the same company, you are not alone. Recently we found on our site that some readers asked the same questions: what is the relation between DavisMicro and BrandsDragon? Why I can’t visit www.davismicro.com anymore but was directed to www.brandsdragon.com every time? I bought something on DavisMicro.com before but now I am asked to use my DavisMicro account on Brandsdragon.com, should I trust the new website? …

To help such readers learn the truth, here we would like to introduce to you some information about BrandsDragon and DavisMicro. Actually, the two domain names belong to the same company and are used for the same website. Now whether you input www.davismicro.com or www.brandsdragon.com in the address box in any browser, you will land on the site www.brandsdragon.com.

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Jun 06

Where to Get Quality but Low Priced Wholesale USB Gadgets from China?

Along with the development of computer technology, more and more PC accessories are brought to our eyes, among which USB gadgets are the most popular. As to whether they are useful or not, the answer is always “yes, of course”. But how useful such tiny little computer stuffs can be? Here I’d like to introduce the variety of wholesale USB gadgets that are extremely hot in the market.

The wholesale USB gadgets in China are usually classified into three main types according to the usage: computers and networking, electronics and home appliances. Under the computers and networking category, there are sorts of wholesale USB gadgets for computer users. For instance, the USB gadgets such as the USB flash drives can make it very convenient for data transport, system administration, brand and product promotion, etc. And the USB hub, a device that expands a single USB port into several so that there are more ports available to connect devices to a host system, is rapid gaining its popularity over the computer users. Moreover, new wholesale USB products like roll-up keyboards, external USB SATA drive docks are extensively offered on the China wholesale websites.

Wholesale USB Gadgets - Lovely Robot USB Hubs

Lovely Robot USB Hubs on DavisMicro.com

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